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Brand Identity

Companies today need a strong, recognizable, captivating image that dominates the fierce competition.
The logo is the most visible part of a company or product.

On this page, I show the best facts over the years as well as the business cards , really very important in the world of work.
Small, easily transportable, of a thousand colors and materials are a great way to leave a contact with someone.

In this section you can also see the contacts of some of our customers, we have asked everyone for permission and through this page, they too can be contacted!

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We are waiting for permission to show you the next project.

Come back and visit the website which will be constantly updated.

British School Pisa


British School Pontedera turned to us to improve their communication.
We have created some interesting products for them:

Square Business Card

First, a new square business card, clean, with just the QR code on one side and their logo on the other.


Promo Flyer

To communicate their summer offer, a great deal of synthesis and clean-up work was done so as to be able to better outline it, without going into "over-load" and with short, clear messages enclosed in colored boxes.

We have placed the offers in fluorescent yellow, the courses in red and the additional contact information in blue. Since the British School also specializes in courses for dyslexic people, with this method, even they can read the flyer fluently!



Abbiamo creato per la British School un opuscolo per i loro corsi.

Aerial Dance

For her gym, Monica chose to have us create all the tools for her image: logo, business card, billboard and advertising flyers.

Martinucci Digital

Kevin and Stephanie are content creators, native French speakers and perfect knowledge of English.

SEO and translation experts, they asked to us to renew their brand outlook!

Legal Studio Micheletti

An important lawyer from Lucca, Cesare Micheletti , requested our " Brand Identity " services to renew his studio's look.

We have provided him with new business cards , letterheads (also in template word format), and folders to contain the documents he works on.

In his office, there is a handmade antique floor, typical of Tuscan architecture. We used that texture to represent it in all of his images and you see this pattern as the background of the images. Now a coherent and precise common thread links his work to his studio and his city.

Once again, each project is tailor-made , trying to represent the client in the best possible way with professionally made images.


Francesco Mariani

After foot reflexology and the First Aid Techniques (BLS) manual, I had the privilege of being able to work again on creating an image for the medical sector. 
The discipline in question this time is Chiropractic or "a practice that declares as its objective the maintenance and re-establishment of the salute dell’uomo, …concentrando la sua azione sull’integrità del sistema nervoso, assumendo che esso controlli tutti gli altri sistemi del corpo umano e prestando una particolare attenzione alla colonna vertebrale.” (Wikipedia)

I got to know Doctor Mariani, who works between Pisa and Lucca (Italy). 
I share with you the link to his website


Go to his website


Colors. What a wonderful thing the colors are! I used a palette that I find particularly interesting: A very light mustard color in contrast to the turquoise skeleton and the reddish muscles.
Like a city seen from above, we see lights, or "trigger points", points that chiropractors touch to "trigger" a benefit.

As always, professional images are created to give one result among many. 
This really attracts the eye and despite the colors, although they are not saturated but are still strong, they create a sort of stimulating response when you look at them.

Studying thoroughly for this project, I tried different solutions but some didn't have enough contrast, others were too messy.

Also for the font, a great deal of research has been done to remain in the technical-scientific field but… not too much, not too little.

This is the demonstration that the images are made to measure, on you, that reflect who you are and what you do!

Francesco is young, cheerful and extremely friendly, therefore a sunny person… how did this personality combine with creating an image that is decidedly different from the boring white and blue images related to medicine?

We thank Dr. Mariani once again for this interesting project!

"Make your nails, fashion nails!"

Silvia and her nails are online with our images.

Doctor Shoes


The customer had already had similar business cards made, but he needed to do a makeover and produce new ones.

How about the dotted outline as if they were seams?


Car washing

Car washing has a new market: dry cleaning!
In addition, after the Covid-19 emergency, they are also equipped for car hygiene. Francesco di Luxe turned to us to create his Brand Identity: Logo, colors and business cards.


Some time ago Radio24 announced a competition for the restyling of their logo.
I am also among the 45,000 participants and of these, only one won the coveted prize of €20,000.
This is what you see was our proposal.

Nadia Picariello

Last year I was contacted by Nadia Picariello who, in addition to being a very kind person, specialized in relational pedagogy, that mainly deals with dysfunctions in the sphere of communication and relationship in any age group and in different areas: family, therapeutic and school with a multidisciplinary approach.

For over 16 years Nadia has been dealing with communication and relationship disorders, including pediatric disabilities, language disorders, learning, attention, autism spectrum, brain injury. Many courses held between Italy and the USA, scientific research and study of cognitive-behavioral pathologies allow her to keep her professional profile up to date with patients and their families.

In Una Bolla.

A person with such a difficult and particular job needed to create a virtual place where some answers to frequently asked questions about this type of pathology could be found and to do so she needed a series of images.

To create images like these you don't need to be good at creating logos, above all you need to understand the topic well, what you want to achieve and show the due sensitivity.

Nadia says that I immediately found the solution, but as you can see below, I studied it a lot!

First of all, I had decided to give the child a certain central role.

I decided to portray him from the back not only because it seemed more emotional to me, but also because of the possible physical condition of the child caused by the pathology.

I studied the image by sketching together the site, business cards and colors.

Nadia liked the "soap bubble" coloring because she believes that people with these pathologies are wrapped in a bubble that makes it difficult to communicate with the outside world.

However, she asked me to add an interesting detail: give the idea of ​​the "synapses" and she sent me the reference images you see below.

So I decide to connect them to each other thus representing neurons.

These images have become Nadia's logo and are also part of her site produced by my dear friend Donato >

You can visit the website of Nadia at this link:


A logo that expresses luxury, for a company that produces fashion accessories. Egyptian theme with a gold-covered Cleopatra.

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