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Together is better

In this gallery you can see the images made in collaboration with other artists and most of them are really well-known names in the international comics business. 
My participation in these cases concerns the COLORING.

You can see that sometimes, I used digital coloring (as is usually used in comics), other times a traditional pictorial coloring.

The reasons for the creation of these images are many: 

Coloring at the request of customers or simply as a tribute to an images that I found beautiful and stimulating. It is a very important a part of my artistic sensitivity and all the work done as a colorist, some as "tributes" to artists, to published official collaborations, make me deeply proud.

Hope you like it!

Stefano Landini

One day a customer asked me to paint an inked commission by Stefano Landini. Stefano is a dear friend, kind person and a very good artist. When I delivered the painting to the customer I was at a convention and Stefano's table was behind me, so the customer immediately went to show him my work which received his approval.
The painting is 33x48 cm on 220g. paper, acrylic.

As a tribute to an artist like him, who has great success with both Marvel and the related STAR WARS, I decided to paint even this Kylo-Ren on his inks.

The illustration is painted in acrylics on A3 paper size.

Lineart: Stefano Landini
Traditional color: Marco Russo

Luca Maresca

At the request of a client at Etna Comics (Catania), I painted Luca Maresca's inks on this character from Orfani (Bonelli). I have known Luca for several years and it is no coincidence that his job had a progression from Italy with Bonelli and now all over the world with Marvel.
To pay homage to him, I worked digitally, an inked black and white illustration of Thor and Captain America during Endgame.

Simone Bianchi

Simone, a huge name, one of the biggest in the comics world, is my teacher. I had the privilege of collaborating with him on some of his projects, such as the collaboration in digital coloring for the back story on Doctor Doom in the NUMBER 1 of the Fantastic 4. (Marvel 2018) and Sharkey: The bounty hunter (Netflix 2019 )

Marco Foderà

Clean inks allowed us to work well with heavy techniques such as painting. Although this is a digital coloring it is textured and dynamic. Marco, whom we all know also for his online presence, is a very good Bonelli artist.

Francesco Iaquinta

A character suitable for getting out of the shadows. A violet light beam and a "cracquelè" effect for this beautiful illustration inked by Francesco.

Paola Del Prete

Enjoyable collaboration with Paola for the variant cover of her "Moles Eternae".

Pasquale Qualano

Supergirl from Pasquale's pencil!

Alexander Lozano

The big names continue with this incredible artist. I also asked Alex for permission to apply digital coloring to his Thor. I chose a coloration based on soft lights and shadows, a storm of lightning and atmospheric agents to demonstrate the power of the god of thunder 


Alessandro Squadrito

I worked with Alessandro on a project that contains illustrations like this. Specifically, this is the one designed by me to describe myself as an artist. He made the drawing and the inks and I put the colors in it!

Jimmy Palmiotti

He is another great name. A Catanese from Etna Comics asked me to complete this inked Thanos. I painted it with acrylics, with the utmost attention, in respect of this famous artist.

Goran Parlov

Two tables from me was Goran who made this Tex. I searched a lot for the photos of the canyons, and the landscapes of the west to get the colors right. As you can see on the right, the illustration in question has few elements and a lot of white space around them. I tried to respect those elements by adding warmth and strong colors that I love. 

Andrea Guardino

In my opinion, Andrea has a great talent. With this coloring, that he did to my Wolverine, he really paid homage to me, because it was the first time that someone colored something of mine. Thanks again, Andrea. Amazing work!

Emanuel Simeoni

While Emanuel worked in DC, I asked him for permission to color this illustration. It was one of my first digital coloring exercises.

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