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The Ninth Art

In the international comics world, Italians have always been appreaciated for their dynamic and realistic illustrations. That work allowed the so-called "Italian Invasion" referring to those who found “luck” in America and then all over the world. Their paintings got special collector’s attention. Thanks to the comics, which are underestimated by many, people of all ages around the world have started to become collectors of artworks even of "unorthodox" subjects. 
Some of those artists, incredibly well-known names today, have been an incredible inspiration to me. When I met their images of unreal characters, painted with the most classic painting techniques, I immediately understood that this would also be my process and the images you see are the result of years of study, experimentation and work. 

Most of these images are painted but some are simply done with pencil, others inked, others have been subsequently digitally colored, others still have been made entirely digitally.

This is the largest gallery on this web-site, with all the best images, that represent comic characters, our beloved superheroes.

Many of these are for sale and you can find them in the SHOP section.

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