NOT ONLY COMICS. My artistic production is huge and in this gallery you will see several paintings far from comics characters. These type of paintings are made generally on canvas and they are oversize.

Dante Plus

Questo è il mio dipinto di Dante per la mostra Dante Plus che si terrà a Ravenna dal 9 Luglio 2021

The Divine Comedy

by Edizioni Chartesia
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We are working on a HUGE project. As soon as we are given the opportunity, we will be happy to let you know!


Another dynamism story is when Samson fought a lion. In the Bible it is said that, for this extraordinarily strong man, killing a lion took the same effort as it would have for a smaller animal.
A mighty and ferocious creature and a vigorous man, something we are not used to seeing!

Lo stesso vale per quando Sansone abbattè le colonne di un edificio.
I decided to give the columns a certain inclination so that they seemed to fall in balance towards the observer.

Both of these paintings are made with acrylics on canvas, 50x70cm size.

David VS Goliath

This painting tells a well-known account in the Bible, the battle between young David and the giant Goliath. The story is rich in detail and I have tried to bring the observer to the same level of the scene, putting the vanishing point at the bottom. In this way you could imagine how the boy felt when he found himself in front of a man trained for war and with unique physical characteristics. Look at the difference in height, body or simply the size of the hands.

WWII - Russian Army

Some time ago I was asked to create a historically accurate image in every detail: from the uniforms of the Russian army, to the inscriptions placed on tanks, etc. Due to the size and quantity of characters, it took many hours of work until one day, I decided to create a "variant" version by adding the snow digitally with Procreate!

The original is painted with acrylics on heavy paper, 50x70cm size.

The Color Run

Chimera Contest is an illustration competition. The 2016 theme was "Color" in all its meanings, its visual language must be captivating, pleasant and universal, and appealing to a young and lively, 18-30 year old, audience.
To combine all these elements, the "Color Run" came to mind, a sort of marathon where young people are bombarded by paint balls and colored fumes. Young people kissing and celebrating, Rayban, Converse and a riot of FLUO colors.

The painting is made with acrylics on a heavy watercolor paper on a 50x70cm size paper. The painted surface is 49x49cm size.

John Wick

I think making an illustration only in pencil is very interesting!
The client, a French gentleman, wanted an image of John Wick, a character played by Keanu Reeves in the film of the same name.
I must admit that I had never seen the film because I am not a big fan of the genre.
So I had to do some research!
I immediately realized that not being able to use colors represented a complex challenge: without this limitation many of the scenes that I could have represented would have been better represented and simpler.
To increase the level of difficulty there was also the second customer request: to create something that was interesting in terms of composition.
So I made a couple of drafts where I tried to play on basic geometric elements, such as intersecting lines, circles and planes.
The client, however, requested a further draft that united the two elements and that set the protagonist in motion. He preferred a more dynamic pose, even if less geometric.
So I made the third draft! Satisfied, the client confirmed this last draft, allowing me to start making the final illustration.
One of the biggest difficulties I have encountered in creating these type of images is that when working with graphite it is really difficult not to dirty the sheet with the movement of your hands.
To solve the problem I used the method of the ancient painters, who painted with oil, they would use a wooden stick that was placed between the wrist and the table so that they did not touch the fresh brush strokes with their hand, ruining the painting.
I used different types of graphite, from 2B to 8B, for the darker parts.
Here is the final result.

Techniques and Studies

I made these two paintings when I was a student. Studying the marble effect and the color theory applied to classic subjects.


This image has been painted and then digitally colored to welcome visitors on a Facebook page and website.
The image collects historical elements, symbols, statues and places that represent the city and its people.
33x48cm acrylic on 220g paper.

John Snow

The Uffizzi gallery in Florence meets the protagonist of the Game of Thrones.
This illustration is made with graphite, but with a layer of white acrylic underneath which has favored the formation of some textures and material effects by superimposing the graphite.
Size: 33x48cm

Piacenza Jazz Festival

For the event, I had the idea of portraying jazz music as modern or better, timeless, which immediately takes us back a few decades. I imagined that in a high-tech future, music could even be played by cyborgs.
Replacing the musicians in the upper part of the image, and musical instruments remainIng the same, as if to say: you can replace humans, but if you want to make real music, you need real instruments, those of wood, metal and brass, that cannot be replaced with an electronic sound.

The original paintings was made separately. They are split in two 33x48cm sheets. Both painted with acrylics.

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