Are you a comic fan? Go to fairs! Do you want to meet your favorite cartoonist or writer? Go to conventions! Do you want to buy an unobtainable comic to complete your collection? Go to conventions! Do you want to work in this sector? Guess what ???
Conventions are colorful places where fans of comics, films and illustration gather. In Italy, the largest, most important conventions on an international scale and also the longest-running is Lucca Comics where for 5 days a year everything is transformed in an incredible way.

In all these years we have done a lot of fairs, even abroad. To participate as an exhibitor, you have to start getting ready months before, and work from morning to evening, without stopping and with crowds of up to 300,000 people. We always try to present something new and we can't wait to meet new customers and fans!
We participate in 10 events a year and we are working to concentrate more on foreign fairs.
In this section we will keep you informed of the upcoming conventions. When we receive confirmation that we will participate in an event we will update this section and also on the home page.
Below are some random photos of all the memories.


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