On this page you will find proposals for some new projects for various publishers.

Very different from each other, these new comics each describe a world of characters, in completely new situations.

Some took a few months of work, others a couple of years. While on some projects I only had to color, on others, I was like an artistic director taking care of everything that was "visual".

I consider each of these projects valid and I sincerely hope that they can be published as soon as possible.

I Misteri di Onirica

"The mysteries of Onirica" ​​is a comic story written by Alberto Petrosino, designed by Alessandro Squadrito, colored by me and coordinated by Marco Indraccolo. 
Several pages have been created as proposals for publishers, these have been made several times in various versions to find better solutions in all aspects.

Danny Drift

Some time ago, Stefano Maffeo a kind gentleman, contacted me..
Stefano corresponds to the profile of the customer that everyone would like to have: kind and precise. He wrote a story called “Danny Drift“, which has a connection between military and racing. He provided me with a very detailed script, with all the reference pictures attached. He really thought it all!
I made these first 8 pages and the project logo for him. The pages are all in A3 size, inked and airbrushed in some areas.
About the internal pages, unfortunately, I have not had many opportunities to create these because I work a lot more with the illustrations, so I found the best solution. After a few tests, I decided to create the characters in a more graphic way and the environments and backgrounds in a more artistic way. This differentiation served me well, not only to give variety to the pages, but also to find a good compromise between a technique in which I’m more expert and one in which I’m less expert. Obviously, the more I have the opportunity to create internals and more they will develop. I wish Stefano the best for this project!

M. F. H.

A new and huge world, is "sporting" battles. Mysterious characters, different homes to each other. This is M.F.H.
I made: 4 numbers, the first with pictorial technique, the last with digital coloring on inked pages, the character designs of 4 characters, and 4 covers, one of which is a painful splash page variant.

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