We produce a variety of images! Here are some examples of illustrations, used on a wide range of projects.

New Project: COMING SOON

Onore e Fedeltà

Written by: Ilaria Pernigotti.

Lea has grown up with her adventure companions.
Now she is doing the job of her dreams, the one for which she fought and suffered...
but not everything is so simple when it comes to her life. New intrigues and obstacles await her, betrayals to protect herself from and masks to recognize.
The Galactic Fleet will reserve emotions and an ever-growing load of suspense in this second novel in which the two key principles that give the title to the novel are intertwined. work: honor and loyalty.
Will Lea be able to remain herself in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile?

We made the cover, the back cover and the graphic for this book. 

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Written by Michele Vigori

In various archaeological sites on the planet, enigmatic writings, carved or engraved similar to each other appear. A young paleontologist passionate about his profession receives an interpretation bordering on science fiction from his old professor shortly before he dies.

The strange message will lead the protagonist to Africa and will mark the rest of his life, which takes place in parallel to that of a primordial boy forced to fight for survival together with his small tribe

The two stories, which initially flow independently, end up intertwining in a crescendo of twists and turns, leaving the reader in suspense until the unimaginable conclusion and forcing a profound reflection on our origins and our very existence.

“What characterizes the human species is its thinking”

We made the cover, the back cover and the graphic for this book. 

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La figlia dei due mondi

Written by: Ilaria Pernigotti.

Lea has everything a five-year-old girl could want: a family, a dog, a
beautiful house, friends. Then fate gets in the way and suddenly everything changes... She will have to leave for Keid, a torrid, distant planet, barren of water and emotions. Lea will be afraid, but thanks to her determined nature and irreverentness, she will be able to overcome adversity and cultivate a dream: her Dream. Lea will experience many adventures, which will lead her to discover new feelings, she will fall and get up again, but she will never give up because, despite all, “There's always another chance!”

We made the cover, the back cover and the graphic for this book. 

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By: Lidia Simonetti

A book that reminds us of the importance of courage, and gives us the teaching of forgiveness. As in the journey of the young eagle Scintilla: discovering herself, her origins and the contradictions that shaped her destiny. Lidia Simonetti's story is surprisingly intense, imbued with a fantastic symbolism, capable of making the path of the narrative pleasant and at the same time profound.

We made the cover, the back cover and the graphic for this book. 

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Le cose da dentro

Le cose da dentro shows in what way some events and behaviors lead to a world of low satisfaction, easy complaints, shallow relationships. It describes a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), shaken like a souvenir snow globe, in which few are able to describe what the drawing will look like once all the snow has fallen. The moment is complicated, but propitious, and putting people first is a widely shared need. This book is an invitation to seek dialogue, particularly between generations, between analogue Seniors and digital Juniors. Everyone lives through their own vision of things but, by uniting them, there is the possibility of creating something more, better: a collective energy, which understands without judging, builds without suffering, is the protagonist and not an appearance, in which Senior and Junior are in real and fruitful communication.

By Marco e Marzia Siniscalchi, published by 78Edizioni

The illustrations were made on hand-painted 300gr paper, A3 size.

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The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy

Marco Russo Art + Edizioni Carthesia

Three painting on canvas (50x70 cm size) that tells the poet's journey.

Hell - Canto XXI

Purgatory – Canto XXXI

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Heaven – Canto XXI


This is the cover for the Anilo Viziola’s novel.
The painting is made with acrylics on Fabriano paper 220g. 33x48cm size.
You can see the original “naked” version and the one with the graphics on it.

Fantastic 4 n.1 with Simone Bianchi

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Simone Bianchi
Color Artists: Simone Bianchi & Marco Russo
Fantastic 4 #1 (8-8-2018)  © Marvel Comics


I created the illustrations for this book “Unico/a” by Carlo Micelli
Albatros Edizioni – 2019

Warage – Card Game


A few years ago I made some cards for a game. All the images have been painted with acrylic.
Below, shows you in sequence, the creation phase of the card: “Rigged dice”.
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