RE-Work in progress

Old ideas, new skills.

A characteristic of my way of working is to update old works that I can repair, thanks to the experience I have obtained. I can repair some old errors keeping the original idea.
Even if I believe that there is no way to save that work, I give it a coat of color on top and use it as a base for other works by recycling the sheet. 
You may not know it, but if you purchased my original illustration, there was probably another drawing below or behind it.

In this section, I show you the before and after, the considerations I made and how I arrived, for example, from a drawing of "2013" to one of "2019".

I paint spontaneously! I often don’t remember to place a camera or take pictures, but I will show you what I managed to collect over time.
It is satisfying to see the progress and improvements over the years applied to the same subject or idea.


The first version, after the first "Thor" movie. The second, to improve it. The third, to make it as in "Infinity War" I replaced Mjolnir with Stormbreaker and the long hair of "The Dark World" with the short hair of "Ragnarok".

In the latest version of May 2020, I digitally added the long hair that gives movement and reset lights and contrasts.

The original painting (the third you see) was sold in 2018 and was painted in acrylic on a sheet of heavy paper, 33x24cm.

Spiderman PS4

The last Rework concerns the Spiderman presented at Lucca Comics 2018 using the beautiful PS4 costume for the first time.
The image is over New York, among its buildings and to give it a dynamic look, there is the spider web practically launched towards the observer. 
It was decided to change the position of the head and to "warm" the coloring as if it were at sunset. 

Spiderman over Lucca

I painted this image for Lucca Comics 2016 bringing our hero to one of the cities that is closest to my heart in the world.
In 2019 there was a competition to create a "Spiderman: Far from home" themed image on the occasion of the film's release. The story shows Peter in Europe, also passing through Italy, in Venice to be precise. I thought it was a good opportunity to do one of my REWORKS on that image by editing some errors and updating the costume to the version of the movie.

The dark knight comes to Lucca

At Lucca Comics in 2018, a boy ordered from me a painting of Batman on the roofs of his city: Lucca!
I felt a little uncertain initially because in those same days, Simone Bianchi presented his portfolio "Lucca Icons" with 4 superheroes as Wolverine, Spiderman, Superman and ... Batman! I didn't want to make a bad copy of his work! So I accepted the commission but paying more than the usual attention. 

I started at the convention to make very quick sketches to let the customer choose which shot he preferred, then, in the studio, I made the definitive pencil and then I started painting, during the process I received a call from Simone Bianchi for a work issue.
I discussed this commission with Simone and how I had tried to deviate as much as possible from the Batman in Lucca that he had done.

He asked me to show him the image gave me some advice. He gave me a very unexpected and useful lesson which led to the improvement of the image.

I sincerely thank Simone, and it is a pleasure that he has been my Master the artistic director of this image!
I told the client about what happened and he was also very pleased!!


A dear customer from Sicily commissioned me a painting of Cyclops with his classic yellow and blue costume.
It was painted with acrylic, also using airbrush and pencils.
It measures 33x24cm on a very rigid cardboard sheet. 

Spiderman 2099 Variant

In 2015 I painted this Spiderman, because I liked the costume. After a few years I realized that there was a problem of contrasts. So, I decided to correct everything digitally, darkening the background a lot.

Wonder Woman

Strong colors, an "energetic" woman: the perfect combination. To achieve it I tried new techniques: low pressure acrylic cans, thick paint, colored pencils and much more!

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