Abstemius, a new clothing and accessories brand has chosen Marco Russo as the Lead Artist for their products.
We are happy to announce our official partnership showing you what we have created together!

A bearded "little man"

We introduce you our first product:
The creators of Abstemius Alessio and Davide , decided to carry the "little man" around the world immediately.
On the other hand, I drew and colored everything in bright colors.
The image was made digitally with Procreate.
The first official adventure of our bearded man is in the Big Apple.
You can find out more informations on the Abstemius website, where you can also buy your favorite T-shirts or accessories with the "little man" image.


In Milan

... and after being in New York, the bearded man returns to Milan !
These images are reproduced on many products: From t-shirts to sweatshirts, from flip-flops to mobile phone covers.
Choose the product that you prefer!

Al Lago di Braies

L’omino barbuto fa un giro in barca nel meraviglioso lago di Braies!
Scegli il prodotto che preferisci con questa nuova immagine invernale.

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