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Marco Russo

Born in 1991 near Naples (Italy), Marco Russo has always loved drawing and comics. From his early school years, he began to develop skills and win awards. Painting and illustration became a way of life.

He attended high school at the Institute of Art in Lucca (Italy). In Lucca, the city of comics, in 2009, he met Simone Bianchi (famous Marvel artist), who helped him improve.
He had the privilege of collaborating with him on some projects like the digital coloring of the back-story on Doctor Doom in the first issue of Fantastic 4 (Marvel 2018) and on “Sharkey The Bounty Hunter” (Netflix 2019), etc.

He also met internationally famous artists and editors who have contributed, even with specific advice, to his growth.

Marco's job is to create images of all kinds. From painting to advertising graphics, from comics to design.

At the beginning of 2018 he opened his own company, a creative studio! He has also participated at the most important conventions in Italy and abroad..

Do you need images? They are customizable, as you want


Acrylics on paper (different papers), on Canvas (linen), watercolor, airbrush, splashes, cans - everything is possible. Do you need it for your wall? For a present? For you book or comics cover? You are at the right place!


You can order: Comics internal pages, covers and even coloration of both.
Our comic boards, blu line pencils, dust-free rubbers, curve rulers and inks are ready!

Graphic Design

Logos and all images for your brand, for your company, for your digital identity or to advertise for events, for example, do you need graphics for your new song album? Pictures for your new creation? Contact Us!


For books, manuals, advertising or everything else! Digital brushes, reactive screens, a big scanner with many DPI, NAS, plotter, printers, high-performance computers, and all digital tools to make images! What do you need?

For Sale

A wide choice

Lots of paintings, different sizes, techniques, subjects and prices.

More that 900 images to see and over 100 paintings for sale!

Choose from a wide range of images!


Latest Works

Spiderman PS4

The last Rework concerns the Spiderman presented at Lucca Comics 2018 using the beautiful PS4 costume for the first time. The image is over New York, among its buildings and to give it a dynamic look, there is the spider web practically launched towards the observer.  It was decided to change the position of the head and to "warm" the coloring as if it were at sunset. 


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Marco Russo Art Illustrations


Social page of Marco Russo. you can order your customizable image. Visit our website:

Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio

Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio

5 days 15 hours ago

New Website Part 5 SHOP In our virtual shop you can find more than a hundred paintings ready for sale. In the various sections you…

Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio

SPIDERMAN DAY! Great Spiderman! The perfect Characters! Great Marvel! For this Spidermanday I want to share my re-work of the illustration of our friendly,,,PS4 Version!…




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