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La Divina Commedia è qui!

Marco Russo Art + Edizioni Chartesia
Durante l’OPEN STUDIO ONLINE è stato presentato l’ambizioso progetto insieme allo scrittore Marco Gottardi in anteprima solita per Lucca Changes.

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Divine Comedy Exhibition

In Treviso (Italy)
From September 11th 2021 to January 16th 2022

Address: Museo Casa Gaia – Via Businiello 2 – Portobuffolè (TV)
There you can find all the three painting on canvas made for this extraordinary project by Edizioni Chartesia.
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Project “Aporia”

I have the pleasure to show you the pages that I made for "Aporia". A graphic novel that you can support by crowdfunding on Ulule!
Do you also need images for your publications? Tell us! Book a free videoconference!
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“Univers Comics”

Honored that my Ironman is now a cover for French magazine: "Univers Comics"! There is also an interview and a gallery of some of my works inside!
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I am pleased to announce the release of the new book by Lidia Simonetti, for which I created the cover, the back cover and the graphics.
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acquista il libro su Mondadori


“Le cose da dentro”

On Amazon you can find the new book of Marco and Marzia Siniscalchi: "Things from inside". I had the honor to made the cover and some internal illustrations.
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What we do


Digital, with the best technological tools or traditional, painted with the materials of the past, of the best quality.
For book covers, for art investments, to decorate an environment, for comics, etc.
Images, 360°

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You can order: comics internal pages, covers and the coloring of both.
Everything in digital or traditionally painted.

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Graphic and Design

Logos and all the images for your brand, for your company, for your digital environment or to advertising but also: Concept Art, Design, Graphics for products, branding and much more!

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We transform your ideas into images

Our method is unrivaled: The images are made together with the client.
After accepting the quote, a videoconference is organized where, while the customer speaks, drafts are created live , researching the main ideas.
All ideas and drafts must be chosen and approved by the customer, thus for all steps of image's processing until the definitive one.
The customer will always be able to monitor the processing that will end, when he is fully satisfied .
Nothing surprises. No waste of time. Nothing regrets at the end of the job.

Discount 15% on the first purchase

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Book a videoconference for free!

You can explain your idea to us orally. As you speak, you will see drawing live, you will receive a free quote and all this can help you understand how to create the image you need!
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About me

Made in Italy

Born in 1991 near Naples (Italy), Marco Russo has always loved drawing and comics. From the first years of school, he begins to get skills and win awards. Painting and illustration become the way he lives.

He attended high school at the Institute of Art in Lucca (Italy). In Lucca, the city of comics, in 2009, he met Simone Bianchi (famous Marvel artist), who helped him improve.

He had the privilege of collaborating with him on some projects such as the collaboration at the coloration of the story about Doctor Doom in number 1 of Fantastic 4 (Marvel 2018) and “ Sharkey: The Bounty Hunter "(Netflix 2019) etc.

Among the various projects, in 2020 for Edizioni Chartesia , he made 3 paintings on canvas illustrating the hell, purgatory and the paradise of Dante Alighieri's " Divine Comedy ". The ambitious project was presented in absolute preview during the OPEN STUDIO ONLINE , the live broadcast that Marco produced in collaboration with Lucca Comics .

He also met internationally famous artists and editors who have contributed, even with specific advice, to his growth. 

Marco's job is to create images of all kinds. From painting to advertising graphics, from comics to design.

He takes part at the most important events of the sector with his booth, in Italy and abroad and on January 1, 2018 he opened his creative studio !

For Sale

A wide choice

Lots of paintings, different sizes, techniques, subjects and prices.

More that 900 images to see and over 100 paintings for sale!

Choose from a wide range of images!



Sci-Fy Book Cover

I needed a cover for a science fiction book and Marco made a fantastic one! I am really satisfied with the work and the final result. Marco uses hand-painted drawing techniques combined with digital ones and the results are SUPER! If you need an illustrator, I recommend him 100%!

Ilaria Pernigotti

Fantasy book cover

Marco is an excellent professional. He knows his work perfectly, tends to establish excellent relationships with the client. He attaches great importance to listening and also to details.

Lidia Simonetti

Book cover and illustration

Professionalism, clarity and accuracy in the management of work and the relationship with the customer. Marco accompanies you to carry out the project, explaining technically the alternatives in a clear way, suggesting the best solution with respect to the expected result. A skilled and trained professional, a correct and educated person. For me 5 stars on all fronts, you deserve them!

Marco Siniscalchi

Comic industry professionals

"Young artists often see tradition as a practice to be destroyed, while the art of Marco Russo, on the other hand, is in continuity with the tradition of US comics. Going beyond it to become the future "


Comics pages

His imagination does not find obstacles, the characters can meet in any place and face any situation. Marco Russo is very talented. Comics are seen and experienced as art, freedom of expression and research. "


Book cover

"I used a platform for people who develop (images). I had contact with many creative persons and I identified my choice on Marco Russo who immediately grasped the meaning of what we were proposing, we immediately had a connection. With two sketches he took what we were trying to describe and developed them in an outstanding way. When we had the book in our hands, it was a strong emotion. "

Clothing images

Great experience! Great guy! he listens to you, which is not common, he talks to you and gets the most of what you want and want! Super recommended!

Abstemius Milan Wear

Company images

A professional, very good, very precise, who has been able to best interpret our company needs, which are quite complex I would say!

Giannecchini Group.

Videoconferenza e preventivo

Esperienza vissuta direttamente ed il risultato è stato eccellente.
In addition to technical skills, the added value as a person. This is uncomparable.
Un invito a tutti, fatelo e non vi pentirete!

Comic pages

Excellent artist able to understand the essence of what he wants to transpose into the work. Professional able to satisfy any requests.


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Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Siamo felici che piano piano gli eventi del settore stiano riprendendo e vi comunichiamo che per la prima volta, parteciperemo al VIECC Vienna Comic Con !!!
Ovviamente stiamo organizzando altre cose da qui alla fine dell'anno, una di quelle che più ci preme riguarda Lucca Comics: non sappiamo ancora bene niente ma ci stiamo dando tantissimo da fare per riuscire a partecipare, come facciamo da diversi anni a questa parte...vi terremo aggiornati!

We are happy to comunicate that for the first time we will partecipate to VIECC Vienna Comic Con !!!
Obviously we are organizing a lot of things from now until the end of the year but, one that we are caring a lot in about Lucca Comics of this year. We don't know anything so far unfortunately but we are doing our best to be able to partecipate this year as we did in the lasts...we will update you!!


#marcorussoart #vienna #viecc #luccacomics #luccacg21
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio updated their status.
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Grazie per tutti quelli che sono passati a trovarci a Gardacon! Un ringraziamento doveroso a @comifab che fa sempre un lavoro splendido!
Grazie anche a tutti coloro che hanno visitato (al contrario di noi) la mostra sulla Divina Commedia di Chartesia a Portobuffolè (Treviso) e che ha potuto vedere tutte le oltre 150 tele e anche qui, un ringraziamento particolare a Christian Ronchin per aver realizzato una cosa del genere!
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