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Il Salotto de
“Lo Scarabocchiatore”

Marco participates in the new series of live interviews with friends and colleagues
guarda tutte le dirette qui
For Dante Day, the anniversary of the poet's death 700 years ago. I really "met" him last year, when Chartesia Editore asked me to participate in the creation of 3 images painted on canvas 50x70 for a new illustrated version of the Divine Comedy. An amazing and exciting project for me!
I took the whole book and read it to decide which scene to depict. So I made one for Hell, one for Purgatory and one for Heaven.
In preparing the drafts, an image that was different from the others immediately emerged: an image that did not depict a certain scene but only Dante's face, a close-up of him. Shocked by what he was seeing in hell Dante often cried and I felt the need to show it.
This painting is on canvas 33x48 and is available at the "shop" section.
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The Divine Comedy

Marco Russo art + Edizioni Chartesia

During the ONLINE OPEN STUDIO, the ambitious project was presented together with the writer Marco Gottardi.
Take a look at the presentation and find out more details by clicking on the link below.
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We wanted to give you the same experience as when you are physically in front of ours stand in Lucca, virtual.
For this we have created a live broadcast from our studio with painting live, preview presentations of the works carried out during this year (so special) and chat with artists and characters of the industry.
You can review for free on e YouTube our OPEN STUDIO ONLINE supported by Lucca Changes . < / span>
watch the broadcasts here

Cosa abbiamo fatto nel 2020?


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  • Illustrations (Dipinte e Digitali)

    Realizzate con i migliori strumenti tecnologici o tradizionali della migliore qualità.
    Per copertine di libri o fumetti, per investimenti d’arte, per decorare un ambiente e molto altro!
    Immagini, a 360°
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    Puoi ordinare: pagine interne di fumetti, copertine e la colorazione.
    Sia in digitale, sia in tradizionale.
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    Logos and all the images for your brand, for your company, for your digital environment or to advertising but also: Concept Art, Design, Graphics for products, branding and much more!
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Digital, with the best technological tools or traditional, painted with the materials of the past, of the best quality.
For book covers, for art investments, to decorate an ambient, for comics, etc.
Images, 360°

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You can order: Comics internal pages, covers and even coloration of both.
Sia in digitale, sia in tradizionale.

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Graphic and Design

Logos and all the images for your brand, for your company, for your digital environment or to advertising but also: Concept Art, Design, Graphics for products, branding and much more!

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About me

Made in Italy

Born in 1991 near Naples (Italy), Marco Russo has always loved drawing and comics. From the first years of school, he begins to get skills and win awards. Painting and illustration become the way he lives.

He attended high school at the Institute of Art in Lucca (Italy). In Lucca, the city of comics, in 2009, he met Simone Bianchi (famous Marvel artist), who helped him improve.

He had the privilege of collaborating with him on some projects such as the collaboration at the coloration of the story about Doctor Doom in number 1 of Fantastic 4 (Marvel 2018) and “ Sharkey: The Bounty Hunter "(Netflix 2019) etc.

Among the various projects, in 2020 for Edizioni Chartesia , he made 3 paintings on canvas illustrating the hell, purgatory and the paradise of Dante Alighieri's " Divine Comedy ". The ambitious project was presented in absolute preview during the OPEN STUDIO ONLINE , the live broadcast that Marco produced in collaboration with Lucca Comics .

He also met internationally famous artists and editors who have contributed, even with specific advice, to his growth. 

Marco's job is to create images of all kinds. From painting to advertising graphics, from comics to design.

He takes part at the most important events of the sector with his booth, in Italy and abroad and on January 1, 2018 he opened his creative studio !

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Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Ho sempre visto il Maestro Milo Manara alle fiere, ovviamente circondato dalla folla e quindi ieri, ero davvero emozionato all'idea di poterci parlare!
Come gli ho detto, ammiro la sua sintesi nel disegno, come quando riesce a fare un naso, solo con due puntini e la sua immensa tecnica da acquerello!
Ieri ci ha davvero regalato tanti interessano spunti di riflessione, anche tecnici sul disegno.
Sono felicissimo di aver partecipato e che Mirko Lo Scarabocchiatore sia riuscito ad arrivare al Maestro con tanta passione e fatica!
La diretta è andata liscia come l'olio, grazie a tutta la crew.
Alessio Corbella Marco Ferrandino Leonardo Formusa
Ci scusiamo per aver sforato un pò e ringraziamo anche il grande pubblico che ha seguito la diretta!
Restate sintonizzati per i prossimi ospiti perché di certo, non ci fermeremo!
Associazione "Lo Scarabocchiatore" #marcorussoart


I've always seen Master Milo Manara at comic convention, obviously surrounded by crowds and so yesterday, I was really excited to be able to talk to him!
As I told him, I admire his synthesis in drawing, like when he make a nose, with only two dots and his immense watercolor technique!
Yesterday he really gave us many interesting food for thought, even technical ones on drawing.
I am delighted to have participated and that Mirko Lo Scarabocchiatore managed to reach the Maestro with so much passion and effort!
The live broadcast went smoothly, thanks to the whole crew.
Alessio Corbella Marco Ferrandino Leonardo Formusa
We apologize for having overshot a little and we also thank the big audience who followed the streaming!
Stay tuned for the next guests because for sure, we will not stop!
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
E' un privilegio poter intervistare il maestro. Cosa rara. Non mancate! Stasera alle 20:30


It's a privilege have an interview with a "Maestro" like him. Very rare. Don't miss this it! Tonight 8:30PM (Italian Time)
Facebook will generate approx. subtitles in english

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@milomanara_ @loscarabocchiatore #marcorussoart Milo Manara Lo Scarabocchiatore Associazione "Lo Scarabocchiatore" #milomanara #manara Alessio Corbella Marco Ferrandino @Leonardo formusa Milo Manara

Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Questa è la home page del nostro sito da ieri. Giusto per ricordarvi che venerdì...
#milomanara #manara #marcorussoart #loscarabocchiatore Lo Scarabocchiatore Milo Manara

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