Live Streaming in Lucca ChanGes days .

We want to give you the same experience as when you are physically in front of our booth in Lucca but virtually.
There will be live painting sessions, preview presentations of the works carried out during this (so particular) year and chat with artists and personalities of the comic category.
You can attend for free on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and intervene with your comments.
LIVE: 29 OCTOBER 3:00 PM (ITALIAN TIME) - Find Out More

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Digital, with the best technological tools or traditional, painted with the materials of the past, of the best quality.
For book covers, for art investments, to decorate an ambient, for comics, etc.
Images, 360°

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You can order: Comics internal pages, covers and even coloration of both.
Sia in digitale, sia in tradizionale.

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Graphic and Design

Logos and all the images for your brand, for your company, for your digital environment or to advertising but also: Concept Art, Design, Graphics for products, branding and much more!

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About me

Made in Italy

Born in 1991 near Naples (Italy), Marco Russo has always loved drawing and comics. From his early school years, he began to develop skills and win awards. Painting and illustration became a way of life.

He attended high school at the Institute of Art in Lucca (Italy). In Lucca, the city of comics, in 2009, he met Simone Bianchi (famous Marvel artist), who helped him improve.
He had the privilege of collaborating with him on some projects like the digital coloring of the back-story on Doctor Doom in the first issue of Fantastic 4 (Marvel 2018) and on “Sharkey The Bounty Hunter” (Netflix 2019), etc.

He also met internationally famous artists and editors who have contributed, even with specific advice, to his growth.

Marco's job is to create images of all kinds. From painting to advertising graphics, from comics to design.

At the beginning of 2018 he opened his own company, a creative studio! He has also participated at the most important conventions in Italy and abroad..

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Lots of paintings, different sizes, techniques, subjects and prices.

More that 900 images to see and over 100 paintings for sale!

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Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Lo scarabocchiatore (Mirko Leo) parlerà di ciò che sta realizzando e forse, ci darà qualche anteprima!
Seguiteci Sabato 31 ottobre dalle 16 alle 17!
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Alle 15:00 di Sabato 31 Ottobre metteremo alcuni dipinti all'asta fino al giorno dopo, stessa ora.
Avranno un prezzo di partenza (minimo) e potrete partecipare scrivendo la vostra offerta.
Tutto il regolamento su:
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Marco Russo Art - Creative Studio
Amici del web! Durante l'estate ho lavorato ad un progetto che riguarda la pittura ed è stato bellissimo! Si trattano di tele, su un tema classico e pieno di spunti creativi.
Dato che lo ritengo importante, nel mio OPEN STUDIO ONLINE (la trasmissione LIVE che si terrà durante i giorni di #LuccaChanGes) di Domenica pomeriggio parlerò di questo progetto in anteprima assoluta insieme ad un altra persona che ci sta lavorando: @marco gottardi scrittore.
Siete Invitati di cuore a partecipare al "panel" che si terrà il 1 Novembre dalle 16:00 alle 17:00.


Web people! During the summer I worked on a project involving painting and it was beautiful! These are canvases, on a classic theme full of creative ideas. Since I consider it important, in my OPEN STUDIO ONLINE (Our LIVE project that we will broadcast during the days of #LuccaChanGes) on Sunday afternoon I will talk about this project together with another person who is working on it Marco Gottardi.
You are warmly invited to participate at the "panel" which will take place on November 1st from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.



Do you have an idea or a project? Lets us know!
Choose between: traditional or digital, black/white or colored, size, and much more!
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