2023 was America's year!America!
We went twice: Chicago event and to New York e siamo sicuri di aver fatto qualcosa di importante per il nostro lavoro.
We participated in a total of 6 events around the world, including Budapest which was a wonderful experience!
In addition to the work for the "Comic Art" sector, we have also worked a lot on graphics and communication for products and companies such as the British School, SpellBook Brewing, etc.
We have created covers for books and musical singles, such as those for Grace Cuomo.
An exhibition was held at the “Il Germoglio” Gallery for 3 months.
We have become part of the group of artists of "Anthony Snyder", the famous dealer of "Duel Dealers" and owner of "Antony's Comic Book Art".
We have created the new artbook “ColorLess“, for the first time a collection of the best black and white images.
They were truly wonderful experiences!
What are the plans for 2024?
We're working to a Board Gameand we are taking an agreement to produce the branding for a company. We're also do the same with some publishers and dealer to promote our paintings for the Comic Art industry.

We are also defining the calendar of events for next year; visit the events section ( to see those already confirmed.

Furthermore, some projects that have required a lot of work from us are waiting to be communicated... this is why we always ask you to stay "tuned": we can't wait to show you what we have done and above all, what are we about to do!!!


2022 started by painting a Hulk vs. Wolverine. Muscles, dynamism... I really enjoyed it and I carried that, and other paintings around a lot.
We took part in 9 events, mostly in central-northern Italy and in some European capitals.
We have experienced the ups and downs that I believe, many have experienced in the post-Covid world but in any case, the variety of works has allowed us to continue: We have created not only images related to comics but also book covers, advertisements, images for companies, logos , printed material, etc.
The beauty of the various works is that they require very different "settings":
When you need to work digitally, a certain part of the studio is occupied and certain materials are used and when you need to paint, completely different tools! There is always something new, different and challenging!
For 2023? Weirdly, there are already entries in the calendar for some extraordinary activities that will require months of preparation and which unfortunately we cannot talk about yet but we can't wait to be able to show you the result of so many efforts!
've wanted some of these things for years and it seems like the time has come...Next year will be characterized by an event in a distant place, by at least one exhibition, by what I have created for an important brand and by a couple of activities related to my work that I had never done before!
Images are born in many different ways. Beyond the ability to translate an idea into images, there is also the great influence of our background, what is happening around us and a thousand other things. Sometimes an idea comes in a second and it's the right one, sometimes you just get an image that you feel the need to develop for yourself, sometimes you have to rack your brains to make something work that has only a few valid elements...we are very ready to be able to continue to better interpret your requests and create beautiful and functional images for your purposes.
What will be the first image of 2023?
You will find out soon!


This year was "particular", as it was for the majority of people. Therefore, the first necessary thing to say is that we hope not only that the pandemic will be gone forever, but also that all those who have suffered personally or who have lost a loved one or have had work difficulties can also recover. This situation is not sparing anyone and we wish everyone the best!

Despite these difficulties that also affected us, in 2020 we tried to react with enthusiasm by creating the new web-site that was visited by all over the world. Hera are the following rankings are: Italy, United States, Indonesia, China, Japan, Ireland, Czech Republic , Canada etc.

There was an increase of visits, the record month was July, thanks also to the fact that from that moment the possibility of doing conventions reopened and in the following 4 months we participated to 5 of them. Unfortunately due to the increase in cases of Covid, one has been deleted and we have given up on a couple of other events in Europe that we wanted to do.

This year we were able to see the project of the Divine Comedy by Chartesia Editore made with the related exhibition in Treviso (still in progress), several book covers, scientific images and various internal comic pages were created. There was the Dante Plus 700 exhibition in Ravenna, the images were made for a clothing company (which we cannot yet show) and many original paintings were sold.

From 2022 we would like there to be even more of this contrast between the world of comics and images of another genre such as those of Dante, we would also like to participate to events that we have never done in Italy and abroad and continue to work on interesting projects and to meet also interesting people!

In addition, this summer, an idea took shape that pushed its way through and was put into the workflow. Something totally crazy, which we have never done, which perhaps we do not even know how to do but which we would really like to be able to realize and because we have very strong creative need, we could not help but try: a graphic novel! We can't wait to tell you about it! See you soon!

See you soon!

November 2021

This is the brand new painting done for Prague Comic-con! You can find it there, it's a 33x48cm acrylic painting on paper. Even this painting is a HUGE rework of a Batman (Nolan version) that I started in 2015. I rework on it several times but we can consider this a brand new image because I deleted the dirty water under his feet, the flying bats above his head and a turquoise hue.
Anche questo è un ENORME Rework di un Batman (versione Nolan) che iniziai nel 2015 al Napoli Comicon e che modificai più volte nel corso del tempo. E’ stato rilavorato a tal punto da poter essere considerato un immagine totalmente nuova, stavolta, non è rimasto niente della fogna che aveva ai piedi e dei pipistrelli che gli svolazzavano sulla testa e quei colori turchesi…
33x48cm dipinto ad acrilico su carta.
hope you LIKE IT!

October 2021

Instead of a preview, I show you directly the whole next new image: Wolverine!
The clawed Canadian is an absolutely mainstream and very important character for Marvel stories and for the first time, I dedicate a print to him (one of those only for super limited edition fairs).
Interestingly, this painting is a HUGE rework, as it is painted on top of the old Wolverine painting with the suit from the “Marvel Now!” Series. that I did years ago. Actually, it is not even the first time that I rework it, because at a fair I was given advice to improve it and therefore I have already corrected it previously. As it happens to me with all the "reworks", I have to firmly believe in the idea and put Wolverine in a forest (like the Canadian ones) while he is about to throw himself in front of us.
A painting reworked several times has something magical because only I know the whole process ... I'm the only one to know what the first sketch was like, the first preparatory study or the first version that seemed satisfactory to me at the time and how the continuous study, the continuous work and improvement also leads some images to grow and evolve over time; this thing is great!
The anatomy, although similar to the original idea, has been completely redone, not to mention the study of lights and shadows.
Another peculiarity: the costume is my design, the result of a concept that I enjoyed creating. There is the recognizability of the character but with personal and slightly different solutions.
Wolverine is painted in acrylic on 350g watercolor paper. 33x48cm
You will be able to see the painting "officially" from Prague Comic-Con but if you are interested please contact us here or by email: [email protected]
Hope you LIKE IT!

September 2021

“Univers Comics”

Honored that my Ironman is now a cover for French magazine: "Univers Comics"! There is also an interview and a gallery of some of my works inside!
download the magazine here

August 2021

I am pleased to announce the release of the new book by Lidia Simonetti, for which I created the cover, the back cover and the graphics.
buy the e-book on amazon
Buy the book on Mondadori

July 2021

One whole year

The current version of the site has been online for an exactly one year! Donato of Web Design Addicted and I worked on it during one of the darkest periods in history: The first lockdown!
I've always said: I have always cared about the site a lot and we have worked and reworked it many times over the last 15 years.
This version allowed us to give a direct and immediate information with a pleasant and modern aspect.
There are over 100 paintings for sale and you can pay with practically anything and we are also organizing ourselves to be able to expand the deferred payments through Scalapay.
There are nearly 1000 images to view, divided into categories so you can also use it to show customers the techniques to choose from.
Thanks to Donato for having created it (since the first version) and to all visitors from all over the world!
We are thinking about new you have some advices? Let us know!

June 2021

Project Aporia

I have the pleasure to show you the pages that I made for "Aporia". A graphic novel that you can support by crowdfunding on Ulule!
Do you also need images for your publications? Tell us! Book a free videoconference!
find out more - see all the pages

May 2021

Captain America / Black Falcon

Celebrating last episode of "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" I painted this illustration. A3 size on Italian 220g. paper.

Buy it or order a commission of your favorite character!

Purchase now

Aprile 2021

Le cose da dentro

I am pleased to announce the release of the new book by Marco and Marzia Siniscalchi, published by 78Edizioni, for which I created the cover and some internal illustrations.

The illustrations were made on hand-painted 300gr paper, A3 size.

Do you also need images for your publications? Book a free videoconference!

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March 2021

Spiderman: Miles Morales

To celebrate the new Spider-man for PS5, I made this acrylic painting on 220gr paper. The original, which you see on your right, is one of my RE-WORK, as I made it in 2011, when thanks to Brian Micheal Bendis and Sara Pichelli, the character was created and I painted it again live during OPEN STUDIO ONLINE, the program I made for Lucca Changes.

Avevo celebrato l’uscita del primo videogioco per PS4 mostrando Spidey con il suo nuovo costume, ho pensato quindi di continuare anche per questo nuovo capitolo.
In fase di post produzione però, ho trovato nuovi colori e quindi l’immagine ha preso una direzione diversa e inaspettata, come potete vedere dall’immagine alla vostra sinistra.

February 2021


Acrylic painting on a 33x24cm mounted on a wood board A3 size.

is painted in every inch, included the frame.

Buy it or order a commission of your favorite character!

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January 2021

Darth Vader

The first painting of this year is: Darth Vader!
On your left, you can see the complete product. On your right, the digital sketch with Procreate.

It was painted in acrylic on 220g paper. 33x24cm.

Buy similar ones or order a commission of your favorite character!

Report 2020

Our 2020

2020 ... and who forgets it? It will truly remain in everyone's memory

In this particular year, we all have gone through different situations that have changed quickly and repeatedly.

The plan was obvious: try not to give up. In all senses.

About work, from the beginning of the year, there was no work. So we decided (almost madly) to invest and we did it by creating a new site that could give, a nice aesthetic update and it would be clearer that could give a precise communication and identity.

From March to July we worked together with Donato and we released it.

In June, an interesting work proposal arrived: the creation of 3 paintings for the Divine Comedy (by Dante Alighieri) for a new illustrated version published by Edizioni Chartesia, from June to September.

In October we started to work again with regularity but we didn't think to focus only on that. Since we have lost time we tried to talk at length with Lucca Comics so that we could be be present there too (because we haven't done any conventions for 1 year).

So we used every second trying to figure out how to create, in parallel with the work, a live streaming broadcast from our studio that could show who we are and what we do. So we produced a total of 16 hours and 30 minutes of live streaming with the OPEN STUDIO ONLINE.

In December we created all the illustrations for the 2021 calendar of the Giannecchini Group, a very important company based in Lucca, which includes many companies and realities that we have tried to interpret at best.

In addition, we made a partnership with the fashion company named Abstemius, as a Lead Artist, we created images for their products!

At the time when everything were goes wrong we tried to made an extra effort to be resourceful and we are thinking of those who have worst problem than us

It is not possible (more than ever) to make predictions for 2021, but we are there. We will create images, all the ones you want, together with you.

Our Resolution for next year: we want to release a series of paintings will NOT be made with a comics theme, but more classic subjects made with the techniques and dynamism of comic-art.

Always stay tuned!

Dicembre 2020

Il Salotto de
“Lo Scarabocchiatore”

Marco is participateting in the new series of live interviews with friends and colleagues
watch all the live broadcasts here

Settembre 2020

Mysterio is here!

Just finished, Mysterio! Which I drew for the first time.
It was painted on a Fabriano 220g acrylic paper.
Available now, in the store!

The genesis of the image was unusuall: initially I designed the image with a fuchsia contrast for the Mysterio cloud and a yellowish green for the energy that comes out of his hands, in the lower part instead, a field of white that bore the attention to the upper part and created a composition between the void (white) and the solid part.

Thanks to a digital study, I retraced my steps, choosing to fill the lower part of the image with the same range of colors, eliminating fuchsia. The contrast in this way was given by the various shades of green and the darker background. The amaranth of the cloack gives the contrasting color that was needed.

The suit that I decided to use is that of Marvel Studios for the movie "Spider-Man: Far from home", wonderful!

Below you can see a short gallery of the processing: definitive pencil, digital color study and first version of the painting


Agosto 2020

God of thunder!

This is one of the most recent restorations. In truth, it is the work that had most changes ... periodically, for years, I do it again!
This time I edited it digitally using Procreate on the iPad Pro!

The painting is made with acrylics on a 33x48cm paper 220g. 
Here below you can se a Time Lapse
What do you think of this new version?

This is one of the most recent restorations. In truth, it is the work that had most changes ... periodically, for years, I do it again!
This time I edited it digitally using Procreate on the iPad Pro!

The painting is made with acrylics on a 33x48cm paper 220g. 
Here below you can se a Time Lapse
What do you think of this new version?





We will certainly remember 2020 maybe as the year of COVID-19 or the rise of the economic crisis. We decided to think about work only after we got close to our loved ones, after taking the necessary precautions, after dealing with health emergencies. We thought about how to react, how to use time well, so a program was made, ideas were put down and we decided that the best thing to do for the job was to redo the site, from scratch. We needed a different place where we could meet customers and give a more precise image of what we do. Donato ( has allowed me to work together with him, at this new dress. Working from home in smart-working mode (as we have always done), we decided to give shape to change.


In 2013 we released the previous version, and our goal has not changed: to give the feeling of an art gallery. A neat and clean place without too many "distractions".
The passing of time creates new needs, brings to light new styles and trends. We have taken all this into consideration and
designed the web-site: You start with a nice note pad and jot down a lot of ideas, you look for references to understand what to approach, what "taste" to go looking for, looking for the right tools and starting to establish all the necessary changes, the introduction of new features and a thousand other things.
We have kept the same guidelines that we had previously but have made countless changes:

from scratch.

As for the site, a rework was recently done, of the Spiderman presented at Lucca Comics 2018 using the beautiful PS4 suit for the first time.
The image is over New York, among its buildings and to give it a dynamic look, there is the spider web practically launched towards the observer. 
It was decided to change the position of the head and to "warm" the coloring to appear as if it was sunset.
This re-work represents well the work done on this site: same spirit, ideals and intentions. 

"Wind of change"

Home Page
In the last version we used a mosaic of regular and geometric bricks directly in the home, with all the posts. We, therefore, published content regularly and created a colorful pattern of various images. We have synthesized, by choosing a static main page, which would give all the information you need and then move inside the various sections of the site (which have decreased a lot). Once again we understand how much the synthesis, the cleaning towards the essential, and therefore the art of "removing", remains the best choice.

We are Italians but we want to reach customers anywhere in the world. Trying to be as international as possible and make ourselves known abroad we adopted a multilingual translation system. However, we found it more effective to use only Italian and English to simplify the entire translation process and to avoid the risk that automatic translation would not correctly translate some terms and thoughts, it is mostly handwritten.

Communication and Identity
These two things have had a radical change, before the concept of an "Artist" who makes "Art" was a rather generic and disordered concept. This is why the identity of "Creative Studio" better reflects the wide range of work that can be requested.
Over time due to necessity and passion, skills and tools have been added that are now specifically indicated:
section "Need pictures" you can find a list of things that Marco does.

Until now everything was communicated through posts like in a blog. We decided to eliminate this feature. From now on, any announcement will be placed directly in "home" and will be explained in detail, in the "News" section.

How can I be sure that I will be satisfied with the drawing? What are the rights when using images? How to use rights protected characters? How can I be sure that a painting will arrive intact to the other side of the world? How can you pay from abroad?
We have thought of everything and in the various sections of the site (such as those under the "Shop" section), we give you all the necessary information!

This site is easy to visit and share. In the lower part you will always find a contact form, where you can make enquiries and requests.

We started from scratch. We have thought carefully about how to divide the images and it is now definitely our definitive catalog, and simple to use!

Another drastic change has been the cancellation of serial products.
You will not find them in the e-commerce, and we do not plan to add others.
We really want to express that everything will be a unique piece, for this reason in the "Special Products" category of the "Shop" you will find some single copies and with each image, we will also provide a certificate of authenticity that attests to its uniqueness.

In summary :
The home page shows who we are and what we do. The section "Need pictures?" shows how we do it. The galleries show all the work and there is also a beautiful shop where to buy something and all this, both in Italian and in English .

We hope you like the site and that it will show you something beautiful and interesting or that it will help you to create the image you need. 

By Marco.


Version 6.0

The web-site has always been very important! And it was the reflection of ideas over the years.
In 2005 the first version clearly represented a teenager's vision but in 2010 the vision started to become precise: the web-site had to be minimal, a showcase, there had to be sections with inside the galleries, without too many things that distracted. Here you can see screens of the various versions. We went from an infinitely meager total black version to the "dirty" version of 2013.
We then felt the need for a "clean" that would clean everything up, so everything became white, minimal and orderly. A villain: Doctor Doom takes the place of the heroes, a dark image in contrast with the white, the font was replaced and everything seemed more high-tech. It was one of the most beautiful versions! But shortly thereafter the end will come.
Due to a problem caused by that theme, the site was blocked, there was no way to access it to do anything. The site was unreachable and without being able to update and work on it the obvious consequence was losing all the follow-up.
The two years of absence of the site were the mirror of two years of absence from work, however with perseverance, everything was repaired and returned functional. The work and the site were slowly distributed and the "geometric bricks" visualization we talked about earlier was adopted.
This is the sixth version in 15 years. We went from colors to neutral, from "dirty" to minimal, from galleries to e-commerce, from the "blog" to opening a company.
Definitely the best version we’ve done!

To expand

To better promote our products, we are present on the main e-commerce platforms, online galleries and specialized sites.

Our sales platforms 

Contact us!

Do you have an Idea or project? Contact us!

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